A 1-acre permaculture farm supplies 50 families

I've always been somewhat of a lazy gardener. And that's why permaculture has always made a whole lot of sense to me. Instead of...

Harvesting Liberty: Short film explores reintroduction of industrial hemp to US

Industrial hemp farming could play a big role in providing economic stability in impoverished areas, creating jobs and businesses for veterans, and growing a...

Are farmers and environmentalists teaming up?

Scientists found a way to get more crops per acre and save the planet at the same time.

American meat will never be welcome in the UK

The environment minister stated that post-Brexit trade deals will not allow chlorine-washed chicken or hormone-treated beef.

Espresso envy: how the coffee borer survives caffeine overdoses

Caffeine has long been a favorite of toxicologists, both for the jolt of focus needed to read long scientific treatises and for its unique...

Farmers in New Zealand are offended by climate change curriculum

Advice to eat less meat and dairy is seen as "biting the hand that feeds."

Fipronil egg scandal shocks Europeans

One day there were eggs for sale. The next day there were not. Hoppers dumped eggs by the dozens into waste truck bins full...

There’s not enough land for everyone in the world to follow U.S. dietary guidelines

We'd need another Canada-sized chunk of fertile land, scientists say, in order to meet those requirements.

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