Research 225: SoilC – Feasibility of Grassland Soil Carbon Survey

Authors: Gerard Kiely, Paul Leahy, Ciaran Lewis, Xianli Xu and Matteo Sottocornola

Investigation into the Assessment of Health Impacts within National Environmental Regulation Processes

Report: Investigation into theAssessment of Health Impacts within National Environmental Regulation Processes

Recombinant DNA Approaches to Enhance the Activity of the Pathway for the Degradation of...

STRIVE Report 65 - Mark M. O'Mahony, Niall D. O’Leary and Alan D.W. Dobson


STRIVE Report 21 - G. Purvis et al.

Research 323: Critical Loads and Soil-Vegetation Modelling

Authors: Julian Aherne, Kayla Wilkins and Hazel Cathcart

Research 266: Ground-based Remote-sensing Synergy for Cloud Properties and Aerosol-Cloud Interactions

Authors: Jana Preißler, Giovanni Martucci and Colin D. O’Dowd

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