Island Limits – A Resource Flow Analysis and Ecological Footprint of Ireland

STRIVE Report 1 - Cathy Maguire and Robin Curry

EPA Funding 2013 – Technical Description: Green Enterprise

Technical Description for Green Enterprise funding opportunity.

STRIVE 114 – Summary of Findings

The aim of this EPA funded project was to develop cost effective microfluidic platforms for enzymatic biofuel cells

An Investigation Into The Performance Of Subsoils And Stratified Sand Filters For The Treatment...

Literature Review for project 2000-MS-15-M1 - Gill et al

Research Report 185: Investigation of the Implications for Ireland of Emerging Standards on Pharmaceuticals...

Report 185: Investigating the Implications for Ireland of Emerging Standards on Pharmaceuticals in Receiving Waters

Research 214: Suitability of Municipal Wastewater Treatment Plants for the Treatment of Landfill Leachate

Authors: Raymond B. Brennan, Mark G. Healy, Liam Morrison, Stephen Hynes, Daniel Norton and Eoghan Clifford

A Review of Current Priorities and Emerging Issues in European Waste Policy

Report on current priorities and emerging issues in European waste policy

Sustainable Rural Development: Managing Housing in the Countryside

STRIVE Report 44 - Mark Scott et al.

Water Framework Directive: Development of a Methodology for the Characterisation of a Karstic Groundwater...

Synthesis Report for the ERTDI-funded project 2002-W-DS-8-M1 (S. Tynan et al)

Integrated Biodoversity Impact Assessment – Streamlining AA, SEA and EIA Processes – Practicioner’s...

This practitioner’s manual provides step-by-step guidance on integrating processes for biodiversity impact assessment.

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