Swedish company is building wind turbine towers out of timber

It seems that you can build just about anything out of wood.

Swedish company is building wind turbine towers out of timber

It seems that you can build just about anything out of wood.

Can we make carbon-free steel from renewable hydrogen?

Yes, in theory. Doing it in practice is a whole other story. Another example of how the hydrogen economy is a fantasy.

The beauty of wind turbines

Photographer Joan Sullivan documents the drama of their construction.

French solar roadway declared “a complete flop”

Sometimes we should just let a bad idea die.

Scotland produced enough wind energy for double its homes in last 6 months

In the first half of 2019, Scottish wind generated enough electricity to power the equivalent of 4.47 million homes, almost double the number of...

How many solar panels does it take to fill up a hydrogen car?

Stanford scientists figure out way to get hydrogen out of seawater. Does this matter?

Community solar-plus-storage goes big in Massachusetts

Home owners are going solar, without having to put anything on their roof.

Why burning biomass is a hoax and coal is solid sunshine

Both are just compressed trees or ferns and we shouldn't be burning either of them.

By 2030, 1/3 of UK energy will come from offshore wind

The British government sees offshore wind as a genuine opportunity to lead.

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