Comment on Never Forget “Western Civilization” Based upon Murderous Ecocidal Evil by Khornbread

Source: EcoInternet

We, Human beings, are tribal/hunter-gatherers in our nature. Civilization came from the “fallen ones,” or whatever term one uses for them, who rebelled against the Creator, interacted with/manipulated mankind into thinking that he was divine and had the right to exploit, oppress, and/or impose his own will upon the rest of his Creator’s creations, as if he was a god. Every single one, civilization or large society, that has existed on Earth, no matter what group developed it or what landmass it was on, was corrupted, enslaved its citizens, and eventually collapsed from within. Yet, the “primitive” and “savage” people’s lifestyles are healthier, stable, long-lasting if not eternal, and in tune with the natural world. So many of us have been overly-deluded, believing that being “civilized” is positive, when all it really means is being domesticated, detached from our natural state. Even deep down, we all feel a sense of emptiness and know that what we’re doing with our lives is meaningless, here in the “developed world.” That’s why escapism is so prevalent.
The only thing that’s left, now, is for Mother Earth to begin her “Cleansing Period” and regenerate what’s been destroyed by our negative actions, so that there would be a balance once again.
Peace/Love to all.