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Articles published by John Gibbons in the Irish Times (2008–2017)

Is the Great Barrier Reef too big to fail? Unfortunately not – June 3, 2017

Lights out for Earth Hour? Don’t waste your energy – March 25, 2017

Time to boycott the Texaco Children’s Art Competition – Feb 4, 2017

Trump tips climate anxiety into full-blown panic – Nov 19, 2016

Is having children bad for the planet? – Sept 3, 2016

Meat is madness – why it leads to global warming and obesity – April 09, 2016

Why we mourn Cecil the lion, but ignore other at-risk species – Aug 01, 2015

Seriousness of climate situation has yet to sink in nationally – Feb 14, 2014

Unless we curtail carbon emissions, every attempt to adapt is doomed – Jan 08, 2014

Time to sign up for the climate change war – Dec 04, 2013

Climate panel set to reiterate bleakest of messages – Sept. 23, 2013

Knowledge’ about dangers of nuclear power not based on proper science – Thu Jun 06 2013

Ecological Ponzi Scheme ignores natural capital – April 29, 2013

Safe bet that this year will be one of the hottest yet – Fri, Jan 11, 2013

Steady as she goes- global climatic denial guarantees chaotic future for all – Fri, Nov 30, 2012 (View as PDF)

The Arctic ice cap is melting – and with it goes our future 27-9-12 (View as PDF)

Mental blocks that prevent us acting on climate change 3-9-12 (View as PDF)

Life on Earth now under threat as never before 7-6-12 (View as PDF)

Shadow of a doubt – how they fooled us about a killer habit 10-3-12 (View as PDF)

As climate issues intensify the media, incredibly, throws in the towel 19-1-12 (View as PDF)

Hogan’s U-turn on climate is short-sighted and damaging 07-11-11 (View as PDF)

Population surge difficult to halt and almost impossible to reverse 31-10-11 (View as PDF)

More power to us if we choose nuclear option 25-8-11 (View as PDF)

The paradox of global warming’s northern freeze 9-12-10

Lomborg and his lies 30-4-10 (View as PDF)

Peak oil beckons 8-4-10 (View as PDF)

Media muddle 4-2-10 (View as PDF)

Electric motors 28-1-10 (View as PDF)

Caribbean idyll 21-1-10 (View as PDF)

Weather, not climate 14-1-10 (View as PDF)

Hansen’s hard choices 7-1-10 (View as PDF)

Seasonal salute 24-12-09 (View as PDF)

Six danger signs 17-12-09 (View as PDF)

Double-think 10-12-09 (View as PDF)

Copenhagen begins 3-12-09 (View as PDF)

Flooding crisis 26-11-09 (View as PDF)

Kenny’s climate antics 19-11-09 (View as PDF)

Ecological salvation?12-11-09 (View as PDF)

Tobin tax 5-11-09 (View as PDF)

Perils of positive thinking 29-10-09 (View as PDF)

Economist turns ecologist 22-10-09 (View as PDF)

Bottled water folly 15-10-09 (View as PDF)

Narnia economics 8-10-09 (View as PDF)

Green New Deal 1-10-09 (View as PDF)

GDP versus happiness? 24-9-09 (View as PDF)

Climate justice 17-9-09 (View as PDF)

Carbon tax 10-9-09 (View as PDF)

EU and environment 3-9-09 (View as PDF)

Every little helps 27-8-09 (View as PDF)

Fascist backlash 20-8-09 (View as PDF)

For peat’s sake 13-8-09 (View as PDF)

Clerical errors 6-8-09 (View as PDF)

Population taboos 30-7-09 (View as PDF)

Bad science 23-7-09 (View as PDF)

Cycling makes sense 9-7-09 (View as PDF)

Climate law crux 2-7-09 (View as PDF)

Rocky road to Copenhagen 25-6-09 (View as PDF)

The promise of permaculture 18-6-09 (View as PDF)

Green meltdown 11-6-09 (View as PDF)

Perils of palm oil 4-6-09 (View as PDF)

A cruel species 28-5-09 (View as PDF)

Why biodiversity matters 21-5-09 (View as PDF)

Eco-anxiety 14-5-09 (View as PDF)

Sustainability myths 7-5-09 (View as PDF)

Parallel realities 30-4-09 (View as PDF)

Environmental schism 23-4-09 (View as PDF)

Water bankruptcy 16-4-09 (View as PDF)

Moral conundrum 9-4-09 (View as PDF)

A sick planet 2-4-09 (View as PDF)

Home-grown resilience 26-3-09 (View as PDF)

Ocean acidification 19-3-09 (View as PDF)

Shark Attack 12-3-09 (View as PDF)

Wind energy options 5-3-09 (View as PDF)

Deforestation debacle 26-2-09 (View as PDF)

Internal aviation folly 19-2-09 (View as PDF)

Home energy 12-2-09 (View as PDF)

Bellamy’s blunders 5-2-09 (View as PDF)

Time for water charges? 29-1-09 (View as PDF)

Obama rings the changes 22-1-09 (View as PDF)

Lessons in resilience 15-1-09 (View as PDF)

Drowning in cheap oil 8-1-09 (View as PDF)

A rich Christmas 18-12-08 (View as PDF)

One man’s meat… 11-12-08 (View as PDF)

Economists under fire? 4-12-08 (View as PDF)

Fuel price floor? 27-11-08 (View as PDF)

Shift in political climate? 20-11-08 (View as PDF)

Obesity timebomb 13-11-08 (View as PDF)

Obama’s exquisite moment 6-11-08 (View as PDF)

Facing down fundamentalism 30-10-08 (View as PDF)

Easter Island warning 23-10-08 (View as PDF)

Nuclear re-think? 16-10-08 (View as PDF)

In the grip of affluenza 9-10-08 (View as PDF)

Ireland’s climate challenge 2-10-08 (View as PDF)

Dublin transport crux 25-9-08 (View as PDF)

EU attitudes to climate change 18-9-08 (View as PDF)

Palin’s anti-science 11-9-08 (View as PDF)

Ideology fuels sceptics 4-9-08 (View as PDF)

Electric Picnic 28-8-08 (View as PDF)

Mitigation and adaptation 21-8-08 (View as PDF)

Heavy weather 14-8-08 (View as PDF)

Tackling population taboos 7-8-08 (View as PDF)

Population crisis 31-7-08 (View as PDF)

D is for Denial 24-7-08 (View as PDF)

Electricity gets smart 17-7-08 (View as PDF)

Turbulence ahead for aviation 10-7-08 (View as PDF)

Consumer society 03-7-08 (View as PDF)

Global energy and climate 2-7-08 (View as PDF)

Can business change its tune? 26-6-08 (View as PDF)

Ozone layer lessons 19-6-08 (View as PDF)

Why Lisbon matters 11-6-08 (View as PDF)

Food price crux 5-6-08 (View as PDF)

Six degrees of danger 29-5-08 (View as PDF)

CO2 goal conundrum 22-5-08 (View as PDF)

China’s Climate Crisis 15-5-08 (View as PDF)

US Politics & Climate 8-5-08 (View as PDF)

Peak Oil 01-5-08 (View as PDF)

Water Crisis 24-4-08 (View as PDF)

Arctic Melt 17-4-08 (View as PDF)

Consumption 10-4-08 (View as PDF)

Climate Sceptics 4-4-08 (View as PDF)

Sixth Extinction 28-3-08 (View as PDF)

Fisheries 20-3-08 (View as PDF)

Sunday Tribune Articles

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Robinson’s climate justice crusade 26-9-10 (View as PDF)

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10 years to save planet 25-7-10
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