Now is the best time to plant a vegetable garden

It will help you to spend time outdoors, supplement your food supply, and teach kids about the life cycle of plants.

4 foods that are likely to suffer from climate change

From where they're grown to how they taste to when we eat them, very little will stay the same in coming decades.

Swine flu outbreak is a wakeup call to change farming and diets

The way we're doing things clearly doesn't work.

Industrial-scale aquaponics is coming of age

There was a time when TreeHugger was peppered with posts about aquaponics—the process of raising fish and growing produce in a mutually symbiotic relationship...

Kids’ pesticide exposure as bad for lungs as secondhand smoke

Study finds California kids living in agricultural areas have a hard time breathing. Back in 2001, researchers at the University of California, Berkeley began looking...

Wrangler puts its corporate weight behind soil health

Are we moving on from the overly binary organic versus conventional debate?

A new generation of Indian farmers rejects industrial food production

Supported by the Amrita Bhoomi Agroecology Centre, young farmers are experimenting with natural farming methods, while saving money and lives in the process.

Toil with the soil

By Carrie Vollmer-Sanders Growing up on a farm, I had dreams of living in a big city or abroad and working a job where I...

Meat shortages are looming across U.S. and Canada

Numerous meat processing plants have shut down, due to COVID-19, raising questions about food security and diet.

UK harvests its first crop of chickpeas

This is precisely the kind of healthy, sustainable agriculture we should be trying to expand globally.

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