Espresso envy: how the coffee borer survives caffeine overdoses

Caffeine has long been a favorite of toxicologists, both for the jolt of focus needed to read long scientific treatises and for its unique...

Malaysia struggles with its dubious reputation for palm oil

It resents the world for criticizing the industry, yet understands that some things need to change.

Now is the best time to plant a vegetable garden

It will help you to spend time outdoors, supplement your food supply, and teach kids about the life cycle of plants.

Harvesting Liberty: Short film explores reintroduction of industrial hemp to US

Industrial hemp farming could play a big role in providing economic stability in impoverished areas, creating jobs and businesses for veterans, and growing a...

A 1-acre permaculture farm supplies 50 families

I've always been somewhat of a lazy gardener. And that's why permaculture has always made a whole lot of sense to me. Instead of...

I joined a guerilla mission to turn city trees into fruit trees

Guerilla grafters are splicing fruit branches onto ornamental city trees, cause free food is great.

Could beef farmers reduce their methane emissions?

If we're not all going to go vegan overnight, what else can we do to reduce methane from cows?

Bill Mollison, co-originator of permaculture, dies

I remember when I first heard about permaculture. Flicking through a London counterculture zine at the age of 14, I came across a short...

Fair trade falls short when it comes to hired farm workers

But this doesn't mean we should give up on fair trade certification.

Europe’s olive trees face a pandemic of their own

Nutrient-depleting bacteria are decimating olive groves throughout the Mediterranean, with devastating consequences.

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