Fracking and Health Research Workshop Programme

Fracking and Health Research Workshop Programme

Research 139: Climate Status Report Compilation Guidelines

This report outlines Guidelines for compiling a Climate Status Report

A Nationwide Review of Pay-By-Use (PBU) Domestic Waste Collection Charges in Ireland

STRIVE Report 10 - Abigail O’Callaghan-Platt and Anna Davies

Environmental Attitudes, Values and Behaviour in Ireland

ERTDI Report No. 65 (M. Kelly et al.)

Carbon Sequestration by Hedgerows in the Irish Landscape

Carbon Sequestration by Hedgerows in the Irish Landscape

Research 229: Developing the Concept of Catchment Services for Progress Towards Integrated Water Management...

Authors: Alec Rolston, Eleanor Jennings, Suzanne Linnane and David Getty

Research 150: Assessment of exposure to metallic nanoparticles, focusing on silver on marine and...

EPA Research Report assessing exposure to metallic nanoparticles

Summary of Findings – BioChange

Summary of Findings - STRIVE Report 68

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