ISIS Stakeholder Workshop: Breakout Session

ISIS Stakeholder Workshop: Breakout Session

Ireland’s Sustainable Development Model

STRIVE Report 47 Seán Lyons and Richard S.J. Tol

Research 210: Scope, Fate, Risks and Impacts of Microplastic Pollution in Irish Freshwater Systems

Authors: Anne Marie Mahon, Rick Officer, Róisín Nash and Ian O’Connor

Research 169: HYDROFOR: Assessment of the Impacts of Forest Operations on the Ecological Quality...

Research report 169 assessing the impacts of Forest Operations on the Ecological Quality of Water

UGEE JRP – EPA Statement October 2016

update on the status of the UGEE JRP

A Study of Pay-by-Use Systems for Maximising Waste Reduction Behaviour in Ireland

STRIVE Report 84 - Abigail O’Callaghan-Platt and Tadhg Coakley

Summary of Findings – CELTICFLUX

Summary of Findings - STRIVE Report 24

EPA Research Strategy 2030 – Discussion Document

EPA Research Strategy 2030

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