Unit Holding and Transaction Information

Unit Holding and Transaction Information

Research 234 – One-step Drinking Water Treatment Using Filtration and Nanostructured Composites

Authors: Anne Morrissey, Declan McGlade, Kieran Nolan, Brid Quilty and Jenny Lawler

Gap Analysis for the Implementation of EC Regulation 2037/2000 on Substances that Deplete the...

Report on substances depleting the ozone layer. Prepared for Environmental RTDI Programme - Murnane

ISIS Stakeholder Workshop: Rachel Creamer

We are undertaking a strategic review of our online presence. The purpose of this survey is to gather your feedback and thoughts on how...

EPA Research Strategy 2030 – Discussion Document

EPA Research Strategy 2030

Research 146 – A Review of Design and Construction Waste Management Practices in Selected...

This report is A Review of Design and Construction Waste Management Practices

Unit Holding and Transaction Information 2018 – CP1

Unit Holding and Transaction Information for 2018

Robust Adaptation to Climate Change in the Water Sector in Ireland

CCRP Report 16- Julia Hall, Conor Murphy and John Sweeney

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