Quick Guide for Irish Applicants – 2017 BiodivERsA Joint Call

Quick Guide for Irish Applicants - 2017 BiodivERsA Joint Call

Research 204: Irish Soil Information System: Soil Property Maps

Authors: Rachel E. Creamer, Iolanda Simo, Lilian O’Sullivan, Brian Reidy, Rogier P.O. Schulte and Reamonn M. Fealy

Chemicals and fracking in the UK

Presentation on Chemicals and fracking in the UK by: Dr Robie Kamanyire, Public Health England

EPA Biodiversity Action Plan

EPA Biodiversity Action Plan Summary: The EPA’s Biodiversity Action Plan presents an explicit action plan for the implementation of its role in the protection of...

Evaluating the Influence of Groundwater Pressures on Groundwater-Dependent Wetlands

STRIVE Report 100: Sarah Kimberley & Catherine Coxon

Research 334: Sustainable Voluntary Communities: Support for Sustainable Environmental, Social and Economic Development

Authors: Bernadette O’Regan, Richard Moles, Rosemary Byrne and Anne Bennett

Research 176: SILTFLUX Literature Review

Authors: Damian Lawler et al

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