Water Research Planning Workshop 2013 – Parallel Sessions-1d – Understanding, Managing & Conserving our...

Water Research Planning Workshop 2013 - Parallel Sessions-1d - Understanding, Managing & Conserving our Water Resources Summary: Parallel Sessions-1d - Understanding, Managing & Conserving our...

Research 144:The Protection of Water Resources:Developing Novel Sensor Materials

This EPA funded research report details the development of Novel Sensor Materials

Research 241: Research of Upcycling Supports to Increase Re-use, with a Focus on Waste...

Authors: Michael Johnson, Kathleen McMahon and Colin Fitzpatrick

Summary of Findings – Effects of Species Loss and Nutrients on Biodiversity

Summary of Findings - STRIVE Report 87


Final Report (2000-LS- - P. Bartley & P. Johnston

A New Approach to Bioaerosol Monitoring in Ireland

CCRP Report 18 - David A. Healy et al

Ireland Adapts to Climate Change

CCRP Report 9- Tara Shine and Margaret Desmond

BOGLAND: Sustainable Management of Peatlands in Ireland-Final Report

STRIVE 75 - Florence Renou-Wilson, T Bolger, C Bullock, F Convery, J Curry, S Ward, D Wilson and C Müller

Research 258: The Development of an Irish Climate Information Platform (ICIP) – Phase 3...

Authors: Barry O’Dwyer, Mohammad Hashemi and Jeremy Gault

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