2017 NGOs Survey Questions

Questionnaire of the 2017 online survey for NGOs

Research 313: Saltmarsh Function and Human Impacts in Relation to Ecological Status (SAMFHIRES)

Authors: Philip M. Perrin, Stephen Waldren, Marcin R. Penk and Fionnuala H. O’Neill

Research 178A: Quantitative Evaluation of Settlement Sustainability Policy

Research 178A describing the Quantitative Evaluation of Settlement Sustainability Policy

Marie Sklodowska Curie Actions


Water Research Planning Workshop 2013 – Plenary Session-1 – Brian Donlon

We are undertaking a strategic review of our online presence. The purpose of this survey is to gather your feedback and thoughts on how...

Summary of Findings – CELTICFLUX

Summary of Findings - STRIVE Report 24

Investigation into why Existing Environmental Technologies are Underused (Appendices)

Appendices Final Report (2005-ET-DS-19) - Coakley et al.

Silvermines Wetland Substrate Reprocessing

Authors: Jamie Robinson, Paul Gordon, Shane Lavery

BOGLAND: Sustainable Management of Peatlands in Ireland – PROTOCOL DOCUMENT

STRIVE 76 - Florence Renou-Wilson, T Bolger, C Bullock, F Convery, J Curry, S Ward, D Wilson and C Müller

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Regional dry-season climate changes due to three decades of Amazonian deforestation

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