Comment on Absolute Radical Green Freedom by Craig C. Downer

Source: EcoInternet

Yes, Dr. Barry, the situation today on Earth is very alarming. So much of this has to do with our human species and the individuals who compose having a disdainful disregard for the Rest of Life, and a “dog-eat-dog” pseudo-philosophy of life that pseudo-justifies the terrible treatment people give the Rest of Life, heedless of the higher laws that govern and which will surely exact a terrible revenge for what people have done! This said, we must not give up, but rather seek to correct all complicit and destructive ways of life that are killing the life of this planet, however duped people may think they are “living the good life” (of hedonistic and egotistic excess). We must begin wherever we live to right the wrongs and not be manipulated by the mindless and heartless Machine that would deaden us all!