9 ways to move toward a zero waste lifestyle

To mark the end of zero waste week in Ireland and the start of September we’ve got nine inspired ways to cut down on your consumption even if you’re a zero waste guru or a plastic fiend.

1. Become an on-the-run Zero Waste Wonder

Zero Waste Lunch Box utensil. Photo: MakeLifeGreen

September is here and it’s time to get those work lunches organised. Over the past fifty years, the use of plastic has increased twentyfold. Chowing down for lunch is often littered in plastic, from forgotten forks to coffee spoons, to sipping your way through plastic straws. Plastic cutlery is readily available everywhere. Whether you’re a zero waste ninja or an enthusiast, this waste-free lunch box utensil is ideal. Catering to the busy go getters, this can be thrown it into your morning bag or for a family day out. Let’s take a leap out of France’s book and ditch plastic cutlery.

 2. Say goodbye to toxic tampons and polluting pads


Organic washable sanitary pad. Photo: Cécile Przybylski

The Mooncup has become an Instagram favourite and it’s easy to see why thousands of people have fallen for this eco-friendly alternative. It’s free from toxins, easy to use and cost effective. However if you’ve grown accustomed to sanitary pads and don’t fancy taking the leap to a cup, you can try a reusable sanitary napkin instead. There’s no need to bin the plastic wrappers or dispose of the pad, it’s washing machine friendly and toxic free.

 3. Brush with Bamboo

Bambooska World

Bamboo Toothbrushes. Photo: Bambooska

As we continue to wage a war against plastic, get rid of that toothbrush and embrace bamboo. This set includes toothbrushes for all the family and will be a winner with its soft bristles that are gentle on teeth of all ages. Once you’re done, pop it into the compost as it’s completely degradable, so smiles all around.

 4. Discover a zero waste way to get that eyeliner on fleek this season

Clean Faced Cosmetics

Black Vegan Zero Waste Cake Mascara/Eyeliner. Photo: Clean Face Cosmetics

Zero waste doesn’t mean you have to compromise on things that you love. Thanks to some creative people on the internet, you can enjoy organic, waste-free make up. A minimalist dream, this two-in-one product will have no nasty packaging to rot away and it will keep that catliner Instagram worthy.

5. Chew on that

Angela (1)

Handmade Teething Toy. Photo: Angela Mattews

Teething can be tough for babies and parents alike. These adorable teething toys have a huge advantage over traditional teething products as it contains no plastics, it’s handmade and the beads are from a sustainable resource. We can’t guarantee that you won’t have sleepless nights but you will have piece of mind knowing that your baby is chewing on a zero waste, eco friendly and chemical free teether.

 6. Savvy School Lunchers


Eco-friendly Reusable Lunch bag. Photo: Chus Jimenez 

School lunches will never the same again! Whether it’s the kids, your own lunch or a picnic, you will rock up in eco glam style. This versatile lunch box can double up as a make up bag, a swim bag for wet clothes or a handy storage unit for kid’s toys. It’s suitable for washing machines or just give it a good wipe with a damp cloth and you’re good to go!

 7. To Flush or Not to Flush


Chemical Free, reusable Baby Wipes. Photo: Belle McCabe

Earlier this year baby wipes became the centre of environmental controversy as the debate to flush or not to flush was brought to life. The incorrect disposal of flushing them down the toilet wreaked havoc on sewage and coastal areas. Avoid all these problems and do nature a favour by buying reusable wipes. Another major benefit is their chemical free and cheaper than buying traditional brands.

 8. That’s a wrap


Reusable Gift Wrap. Photo: Aurélie Aron

Be the envy of all your friends with these beautiful gift wrappings. Entirely reusable and environmentally friendly, get your family or a group of friends on board so you can recycle and share them around without the pain of scissors, sellotape or waste.

 9. No clothes, No Money and Nothing to Wear

Clothes GIFs - Find & Share on GIPHY

It sums up ninety percent of the female population before they head out on a night out. A wardrobe full of clothes, the majority you haven’t even worn but you still have nothing to wear. The solution? Get the girls round with the clothes they never wear, a bottle of wine and do a swap. It’s your own little shop in the comfort of your own home and you get rid of your old clothes for new ones without the hassle or damage to your bank account or the environment.

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