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Staying clean keeps seafish smart

"Vet" service provided by smaller fish is key to keeping coral reefs healthy, a new study finds.

Happiness or authenticity?

We're launching 2019 with this chapter from Credo by Brian Davey, in which he discusses the need to emphasise being over having, and to...

Biodiversity highest on Indigenous-managed lands

More than one million plant and animal species worldwide are facing extinction, according to a recent United Nations report. Now, a new study suggests...

Will governments pass the first test of the Paris climate agreement in 2020?

Governments are expected to submit long-term climate plans as well as shorter-term 2030 goals. A guide to the ambiguous legal documents 'inviting' more action The...

10 magical places saved by endangered species

In our efforts to save animals at risk of extinction, we've saved some extraordinary places as well. Link to full source: 10 magical places saved...