Research 323: Critical Loads and Soil-Vegetation Modelling

Authors: Julian Aherne, Kayla Wilkins and Hazel Cathcart

Research 321: Opportunities to Decarbonise the Irish Transport Sector

Authors: Eamonn Mulholland, Fionn Rogan, Tomás Mac Uidhir and Brian Ó Gallachóir

Research 320: Assessing Vulnerability to Climate Change: An Approach Illustrated through Large Urban Scale...

Authors: Roberta Paranunzio, Barry O’Dwyer, Paul J. Alexander, Marco Guerrini, Ned Dwyer and Jeremy Gault

Research 318: Source Apportionment of Particulate Matter in Urban and Rural Residential Areas of...

Authors: John Wenger, Jovanna Arndt, Paul Buckley, Stig Hellebust, Eoin McGillicuddy, Ian O’Connor, John Sodeau and Eoin

Climate Research Coordination Group: Second Report on Activities: January – December 2019

Authors: This report has been prepared by the Environmental Protection Agency on behalf of the Climate Research Coordina

Silvermines Wetland Substrate Reprocessing

Authors: Jamie Robinson, Paul Gordon, Shane Lavery

The Potential for Economic Reprocessing of Mine Waste in Ireland

Authors: Paul Gordon, Shane Lavery

Unit Holding and Transaction Information 2019 – CP2

Unit Holding and Transaction Information 2019

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