4 foods that are likely to suffer from climate change

From where they're grown to how they taste to when we eat them, very little will stay the same in coming decades.

Europe’s olive trees face a pandemic of their own

Nutrient-depleting bacteria are decimating olive groves throughout the Mediterranean, with devastating consequences.

Now is the best time to plant a vegetable garden

It will help you to spend time outdoors, supplement your food supply, and teach kids about the life cycle of plants.

Don’t forget your local farmers

A recent surge of interest in local food networks is a boon to farmers, but shoppers need to maintain their support over the long...

British shoppers told to buy white eggs, not brown

The idea is that it will reduce animal suffering, but it's more complicated than that.

American meat will never be welcome in the UK

The environment minister stated that post-Brexit trade deals will not allow chlorine-washed chicken or hormone-treated beef.

Will our future diets rely on lab-grown foods?

George Monbiot certainly thinks so, and sees this as a saving grace.

Florida’s citrus industry is fighting for its life

A bacterium is ravaging citrus groves that prevents fruit from ripening.

Bring on the bugs! Young Britons are ready for ethical, sustainable protein

A new survey finds that young people expect bugs to be a normal part of our diets within a decade.

UK harvests its first crop of chickpeas

This is precisely the kind of healthy, sustainable agriculture we should be trying to expand globally.

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