Campaigners Accuse Industry and Government of Collusion and Greenwash over Kelp Dredging Proposals

Source: Desmog UK


Read time: 6 mins

Scotland’s seabed ‘rainforests’ are under threat from industry dredging proposals, with potentially significant ramifications for climate change.

Kelp is the generic name for several species of large brown algae seaweed which grow in  ‘kelp forests’ in Scotland’s coastal waters. Kelp forests have been widely compared to terrestrial rainforests because of the biodiversity and abundance of flora and fauna they support.

The kelp forests are due to be exploited by a company from Ayr which are benefitting from a grant from the Industrial Biotechnology Innovation Centre (IBioIC) aimed at microenterprises specialising in industrial biotechnology  to “maximise the value of seaweed”.

But campaigners claim the process puts the marine environment under threat from the mechanical dredging of large part of the seabed causing a threat to fish stocks such as Atlantic Cod, Pollock and Saithe (also known as Coley), as well as lobster, crab and a host of sealife.