These children are saving Iceland’s lost puffins

The 'puffin patrol' is saving baby puffins by the handful.

Wolf howls, Mother Nature claps (video)

The howl of magnificent Zephyr at NY's Wolf Conservation Center gets Mother Nature's attention.

Honeybee pheromones scare away elephants

A new scientific study could save a whole lot of elephants.

Wealthy philanthropists wage war. On cats.

With a $1 million donation, Andrew and Jane Cliffordhope to double the size of the world's largest cat-free sanctuary.

Playground for giant manta rays discovered in the Gulf of Mexico (video)

For the first time ever, a nursery for endangered ray pups and adolescents has been discovered – giving researchers hope to learn more about...

Rare animals emerge after 20 years of reforestation in NW China

37 species under national protection have been observed in the Ziwuling area, thanks to massive reforestation efforts.

Critically endangered mountain gorillas show impressive population increase

Mountain gorillas have become the only wild apes whose population numbers are known to be improving.

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