Citizens Paying for Fossil Fuel Subsidies With Taxes and Their Health – Report

Source: Desmog UK


Campaigners have regularly pointed out the contrariness of governments giving the fossil fuel industry subsidies while also making efforts to cut carbon dioxide emissions. A new report suggests that these subsidies are not only a waste of money, but bad for citizens’ health, Alex Kirby reports for Climate News Network.

Health campaigners say the energy policies of the world’s richest countries are inflicting a double burden on their citizens, not only using their taxes to pay fossil fuel subsidies, but also loading huge health costs on them.

The work of the Health and Environment Alliance, HEAL, the report says that although fossil fuel combustion causes deadly air pollution and climate change, virtually all governments spend vast sums of public money – their citizens’ taxes – on supporting the oil, gas and coal industry in fossil fuel energy production.