Commission approves over €31 million co-funding for climate projects

Source: European Commission

The projects are located in 12 EU Member States – Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Greece, Italy, Luxembourg, Poland, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden and the UK. They have a total budget of €67.8 m. The project beneficiaries and their co-financers will provide the balance of the funding.

The 23 climate projects are among a total of 202 projects for which LIFE+ funding has just been approved under the 2011 call for proposals. Together these represent a total investment of some €516.5 m, of which the EU will provide co-funding of €268.4 m.

Besides climate change, the 202 projects concern nature conservation, environment policy and governance, and information and communication on environmental issues. Many of the projects which do not directly address climate change will have an indirect impact on greenhouse gas emissions.

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