From Locals Fighting Fossil Fuels to Shadowy Lobbyists: DeSmog UK’s Best Stories of 2017

It’s been a busy year. We’ve published roughly 230 stories, profiled 70 individuals and organisations operating in the climate science denial and lobbying world, and produced a whopping 15 different breakdowns and analyses on the general election.

We’ve written the words “climate change” more times than we can count, “Brexit” more times than we’d anticipated last June, and “science denial” more times than anyone wants.

Our reporting this year has taken us to local communities in the UK — from those facing new coal mines in Northumberland and Wales, to anti-fracking protests along a small stretch of road in Lancashire. It has taken us further afield, too — to Bonn in Germany to cover the international climate negotiations.

We’ve also continued to dig deep into the small but influential network of transatlantic Brexiteer climate science deniers — a network which continues to expand and strengthen through its connections to climate disinformation think tanks and Trump-influencers in the US.