NCAD Community Garden supports People4Soil!


15th March 2017

Thanks to Giulia Caesar and Martin Obst, of NCAD Community Garden in Dublin 8, for supporting the People4Soil campaign!

People4Soil: Ireland’s Soils Need Your Help

Soil is one of the most valuable and precious natural resources on the planet, yet, incredibly, it is not protected. It can take 1,000 years for just 1cm of topsoil to form, but right now the planet is losing 30 football fields of fertile soil every single minute.

Ireland’s soil urgently needs your help.

Please, sign the petition and Save Our Soil with your signature:


About NCAD Community Garden

The NCAD Community Garden was founded in 2014 by the NCAD Ecological Society in conjunction with the Dublin Community Growers. Planted on a disused site on Oliver Bond Street, it is now the largest food-growing garden in Dublin City Centre.

The Garden aims to use the production and provision of organic food as a resource for educational, social and artistic application. For more information, see their website or visit their Facebook page here.

NCAD Community Garden. Image Source: NCAD Community Garden Facebook page