Protests Increase Against Mega Pipeline Branded ‘Europe’s DAPL’

Source: Desmog UK


After months of protests by indigenous communities, oil is finally flowing through the Dakota Access Pipeline in the United States. Now Italy looks set to witness similar scenes as local communites fight to prevent environmental damage from a new mega pipeline running through most of Eastern Europe to the Caspian sea, Oil Change International’s Andy Rowell reports.

There is increasing outrage in Italy against what campaigners are calling “Europe’s DAPL”, with thousands of people taking to the streets to campaign against the 3,500 kilometre, $45 billion, Euro-Caspian Mega Pipeline (ECMP).

The vast ECMP will stretch all the way from the polluted oilfields of Azerbaijan through six countries to Italy. In so doing it will transport gas to Europe, locking the continent into decades of fossil fuel use.