The Heron of Dublin 7 – Friend or Foe?

31st March 2017

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, It’s the Heron of North Dublin.

Locals are baffled following recent sightings of a mischievous heron around the Dublin 7 area.

What ya lookin’ at?

Not known for being a suburban bird, herons usually habitat along water edges and nest on cliffs or in high places. Looming ominously from rooftops as dusk falls, residents are unsure of its motives. Some have speculated of its rural origin, possibly attending university or working in the capital during the week, and has become stranded because of the current Bus Eireann strike.

Is this the richest heron in Ireland

Some feel he is a menace that needs capturing. “What are these super-sized birds doing pestering us as we go to our cars?” wondered Nuala, a lifelong resident who couldn’t recall ever seeing a bird this size in inner city Dublin. “They will only bring trouble.”

Others think he may have be the mysterious winner of the recent Irish Lottery. “It’s the only way he could afford to stay in such a central location nowadays,” Jimmy from Stoneybatter commented.

One thing has been confirmed by one community member, it prefers ham to corned beef.

Friend or Foe? It’s too early to tell.

Residents are warned to be vigilant

Pictures courtesy of Mary in the office.

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