Waste Ambassadors to facilitate 600 local workshops on household waste management

Source: Greennews.ie

July 19th, 2017

This autumn, the government will begin an information campaign to advise households on how to manage and reduce waste. Minister for the Environment Denis Naughten has said campaigns would be rolled out over the second half of 2017. In addition to practical objectives such as clarifying per-lift and weight-based charging models, noteworthy educational objectives of the campaigns include waste prevention and improving recycling.

Supported by the Government, VOICE Ireland will team up with the three regional waste authorities: the Southern Region, Connaught Ulster Region and the Midlands Eastern Region, to resolve confusion and instruct the public on waste.

Over 600 household waste workshops will be held across the country. The immediate goal is to resolve confusion over what can be placed into the waste, recycle and food bins respectively. VOICE Ireland will manage 25 ‘Waste Ambassadors’ to run workshops in collaboration with the regional waste authorities.

People are hugely confused as to which bin to put their recyclables and waste, we plan to go out into communities to provide helpful hints on how to reduce household waste streams and how to sort waste properly. We are very excited about this hands-on approach and cannot wait to hire and train our new team of waste ambassadors and tackle waste in a real way.

VOICE Coordinator Mindy O’Brien

VOICE is an Irish Environmental NGO and a member of the Environmental Pillar. Established in 1997, VOICE focuses on waste & water issues. VOICE has long campaigned to provide a public forum to educate people about managing household waste.

The regional waste authorities will launch a website by the year’s end to provide households with information about their local bin collectors policies.

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