Elementary students in Georgia will soon learn about farming

Described as a "huge missing piece" in public education, new agriculture classes will teach kids how connected our lives are to the land.

Show your love with earth-friendly flowers

By Brittany Wienke, Rainforest Alliance Where do flowers come from? It’s kind of a funny question to ponder, because many of us don’t know. Of...

Swine flu outbreak is a wakeup call to change farming and diets

The way we're doing things clearly doesn't work.

700 chocolate bars could reduce packaging on delicious treats

Nestlé has 700 chocolate bars sitting on shelves, degrading. If that seems like a terrible waste, consider the cause. The 700 chocolates represent different packaging...

A new generation of Indian farmers rejects industrial food production

Supported by the Amrita Bhoomi Agroecology Centre, young farmers are experimenting with natural farming methods, while saving money and lives in the process.

This might be the coolest photo of a farm you'll ever see

When Brazilian farmer Ernst Gotsch bought 1,200 acres of completely deforested land on the edge of the rainforest in 1984, it was known as...

It’s primates versus palm oil in Africa

Since both require the same habitat, scientists are worried how primates will survive the expansion of industrial oil palm plantations.

Wrangler puts its corporate weight behind soil health

Are we moving on from the overly binary organic versus conventional debate?

High yield farming may be better for biodiversity

Is the idyllic, organic farm worse for our balance with nature?

Malaysia struggles with its dubious reputation for palm oil

It resents the world for criticizing the industry, yet understands that some things need to change.

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