A 1-acre permaculture farm supplies 50 families

I’ve always been somewhat of a lazy gardener. And that’s why permaculture has always made a whole lot of sense to me. Instead of throwing physical labor and fossil fuels at any given problem, the idea behind permaculture gardening is to use nature’s own design tricks to create productive landscapes that do much of the work for you.

I’ve seen these design principles applied to various degrees of success. But Limestone Permaculture Farm in New South Wales, Australia, might be one of the finest examples yet—producing significant amounts of food from just one acre, and using only part time labor to do so. In fact, co-owner Brett Cooper suggests he’s feeding 50 families from this tiny property. (I suspect he means supplying 50 families with some produce—feeding 50 families from such a small amount of land would be a positively biblical achievement!) And he does all this while holding down a steady day job too.

Limestone uses many of the staple permaculture tricks, including swales (ditches dug on contour to harvest rainwater and planted up with perennial crops), self-seeding edible ground cover crops, no-dig garden beds and a chicken tractor too to till the land and cycle nutrients.

Impressive stuff. This Lazivore is beginning to feel like he’s not trying hard enough…

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