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Arctic sea ice could disappear even if world achieves climate target

Goal of limiting rise in average global temperatures to below 2C may not prevent ice-free Arctic, scientists warn <!--><!--><!--><!--> A polar bear drinks Arctic water in...

DOE may be prime target for Trump budget cutters.

Energy Department insiders say spending cuts in President Trump's budget have been very closely held, known only to Secretary Rick Perry (pictured) and a...

Connecting with climate science

A rapid stream of policy changes and an unprecedented public reaction marked the first weeks of the Trump presidency. In response to signs from...

The carbon footprint of crime has fallen, study finds

A study has found that the carbon footprint of crime over the last 20 years has fallen.

Could manmade clouds save the Great Barrier Reef?

The future of the Great Barrier Reef is in doubt, as it struggles to recover from a second severe bleaching event as a result...