Unit Holding and Transaction Information 2017 – CP2

Unit Holding and Transaction Information 2017 Report CP2

Unit Holding and Transaction Information 2017 – CP1

Unit Holding and Transaction Information for 2017

Research 244: Regional Climate Model Simulations for Ireland for the 21st Century

Authors: Rowan Fealy, Cindy Bruyére and Catriona Duffy

Research 243: Role of Passive Sampling in Screening and Monitoring of New and Emerging...

Authors: Fiona Regan, Lisa Jones, Jenny Ronan, Denis Crowley, Evin McGovern and Brendan McHugh

Research 242: HOMERUN: Relative Homogenisation of the Irish Precipitation Network

Authors: John Coll, Mary Curley, Séamus Walsh and John Sweeney

Research 241: Research of Upcycling Supports to Increase Re-use, with a Focus on Waste...

Authors: Michael Johnson, Kathleen McMahon and Colin Fitzpatrick

Research 239: Valuing Ireland’s Coastal, Marine and Estuarine Ecosystem Services

Authors: Daniel Norton, Stephen Hynes and John Boyd

Resource-efficient Ireland – Biodegradable Plastic from Farm-waste Plastic

STRIVE Report 107 - Kevin O'Connor et al

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