Research 308: Al Source

Authors: Éva Ujaczki, Lisa O’Donoghue, Patricia Cusack, Mark Healy, Teresa Curtin and Ronan Courtney

EPA Research Infographic: 2019 in Numbers

This infographic gives information about the EPA Research Programme in 2019

Research 307: Study on Usage and Waste Management of Amalgam Dental Fillings and Mercury-free...

Authors: Martina Hayes, Aileen Callanan, Mairead Harding, Christopher Lynch and Francis Burke

Research 306: Guidance on Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) Statements and Monitoring

Authors: Ainhoa González, Riki Therivel, Antonia Gaughran and Craig Bullock

Research 306: Second Review of Strategic Environmental Assessment Effectiveness in Ireland

Authors: Ainhoa González, Riki Therivel, Antonia Gaughran and Craig Bullock

EPA Research Strategy 2030 – Discussion Document

EPA Research Strategy 2030

Research 305: BRIAR: Biomass Retrieval in Ireland using Active Remote sensing

Authors: Stuart Green, Shafique Martin, Saeid Gharechelou, Fiona Cawkwell and Kevin Black

Research 302: Fossil Fuel Lock-in in Ireland: How Much Value Is at Risk?

Authors: Celine McInerney, Conor Hickey, Paul Deane, Joseph Curtin and Brian Ó Gallachóir

Research 303: Research Support for Integrated Atmospheric Studies at Mace Head

Authors: Darius Ceburnis, Colin D. O’Dowd, Stephen G. Jennings and Margaret Ryan

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