Guidelines for EPA-Funded Research Project Twitter Accounts

Guidelines for EPA-Funded Research Project Twitter Accounts

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Research 280: Developing the Potential of Third-level Campuses as Change Agents in Transition towards...

Authors: Bernadette O’Regan, Richard Moles, Rachel Shawe and William Horan

Research 279: The Role of Incentivising Biomethane in Ireland Using Anaerobic Digestion

Authors: Karthik Rajendran, Brian Ó Gallachóir and Jerry D. Murphy

Research 278: Developing and Testing an Environmental Sensitivity Mapping Webtool to Support Strategic Environmental...

Authors: Ainhoa González Del Campo, Christina Kelly, Justin Gleeson and Eoghan McCarthy

Research 277: Irish Climate Futures: Data for Decision-making

Authors: Conor Murphy, Claran Broderick, Tom K.R. Matthews, Simon Noone and Ciara Ryan

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