Ecotricity launches “vegan electricity” tariff

Many vegans don't realize that there's 'meat' in their electricity supply.

India may smash its 175 GW renewables target several years early

It's not revising up its official targets, but the government is hinting that it may now achieve 225 GW by 2022.

Construction begins in UK on first subsidy-free wind farm

Corporate commitments to clean energy mean renewables are harder than ever to derail.

UK hotel chain promises solar on 70 more locations

Even with falling subsidies, solar still makes sense.

Climate change could bring stronger winds, more wind power

A 1.5 degrees Celsius warmer world will bring bigger gusts of wind more regularly.

For first time ever, solar dominates UK power supply

These spikes might be intermittent. But they are getting bigger and more frequent.

Crazy-looking eco development powers 10% of the island of Tenerife

It would be hard to find a cooler looking vacation home than one of these cabins...

The curious link between coal and the future of energy

An organism that grows larger than a blue whale ended the era of coal but could fuel the future

UK just went 2+ days without burning any coal

The fall of coal has been swift in Britain, and there's no sign of it ever coming back.

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