The curious link between coal and the future of energy

An organism that grows larger than a blue whale ended the era of coal but could fuel the future

UK just went 2+ days without burning any coal

The fall of coal has been swift in Britain, and there's no sign of it ever coming back.

In California, people without rooftop solar panels pay a $65 per year subsidy to...

Solar power is a wonderful thing but the benefits are not evenly distributed.

UK energy company offering ‘poop gas’ for heating/cooking

UK households can now by 15 per cent green gas and 100 per cent green electricity with one easy tariff.

Analysts expect 18GW of subsidy-free renewables in UK by 2030

Britain has already made great progress in decarbonizing the grid. It looks like there's more to come.

UK wind energy breaks output records. Again.

This is very good news. So much so that it might soon stop being news.

How an energy-efficient house can become a big wind-powered battery

There's more than one way to kill a duck curve.

Bank signs one contract, goes 100% renewable by EOY

Recently, the University of New South Wales announced that it would source all of its energy from renewables. The announcement was notable not just...

World's first floating wind farm performing well beyond expectations

We've been following the story of Hywind, the world's first "floating" wind farm, with great interest—not least for its potential to reduce installation costs...

Tesla building virtual solar/battery 'power plant' at 50,000 homes

Tesla already 'killed the duck' with its gigantic battery in South Australia. Now it's looking to capitalize on that success, this time doing so...

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