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EU, France accused of hijacking ‘Africa-led’ clean energy scheme

A $10bn clean energy programme launched at the Paris climate talks “by Africa, for Africa” is in turmoil after interventions by the EU and France.In a...

‘Sometimes I get intimidated’: first-timers at UN climate talks

Thirty young people from developing countries have won grants to attend UN climate change talks in Bonn, Germany, this year. Funded by the German government, the Global...

Diamond discovery under pressure

For the first time, scientists have found Earth's fourth most abundant mineral -- calcium silicate perovskite -- at Earth's surface.

Microplastics and plastic additives discovered in ascidians all along Israel’s coastline

A new study finds that microplastics -- tiny pieces of plastic ingested by aquatic life -- are present in solitary ascidians, sac-like marine invertebrate...