Admission of climate failure means the Government has to revisit National Development Plan

Source: Green Party

We need to plan for a zero carbon Ireland by 2050 not just for the interim 2030 target. 


Green Party leader Eamon Ryan said today.  ‘We welcome the Government admission that their National Climate mitigation plan is failing and has to change.  Such change has to come in the form of a revised national development plan which sets our food, energy, transport, waste and industrial systems onto a more sustainable path.’


‘We look forward to working with the new Oireachtas Climate committee to help draft the new National Energy and Climate Plan by the end of the year.  We have to start thinking about how we get to a zero carbon economy by 2050, not just how we meet the interim 2030 target.  The short term thinking of the current Government must come to an end.’


‘In the interview with the Irish Times the Minister admits that his plan is not working and in the next breath repeats the tired arguments for continuing current policy.  


‘If we are serious about tackling climate change then we would shut the peat fired power stations right away.  We could then give Bord na Mona the task of deep retrofitting one million Irish homes which will create a whole new generation of secure well paid jobs.’  


‘If we are serious then we should stop the installation of fossil fuel heating systems in any new home and match the new Californian ambition to have a 100% renewable power system in place by 2045.’  


‘If we are serious about electrifying our transport system to use and balance all that local clean power then we would be putting in charging infrastructure for electric vehicles.’


‘The Government claims one fifth of the new National Development Plan will be spent on climate measures but in truth the bigger spend and most Government policies are continuing us on a sprawling and unsustainable development model.’  


‘Rather than building 63 new motorways and national roads we should be putting more money into walking, cycling and public transport infrastructure.’  


‘Rather than polluting our land, water and air to allow multinational companies profit from the Chinese baby milk powder market, we should be devising a low carbon national land use plan.’  


‘Rather than building ever more incinerators we need to build a new circular economy that cuts out waste at source.’


‘The Government has admitted their failure but we have yet to see whether they will be willing to change course.  We look forward to questioning the eight secretary generals of key Government Departments who are due to appear before the new Climate Committee this Autumn.  It is only when we see what new plans they have for change will we be able to say whether this admission of failure is for real.’