Article 41.2 – Amend, Don’t Delete

Source: Green Party

Greens call on Government to amend rather than simply delete Article 41.2 of the Constitution. Proper time should be given for consultation on alternative wording.

Green Party Deputy Leader Catherine Martin TD said today: “The proposed referendum presents an opportunity to recognise the intrinsic value and contribution of caring to our society which is what the Constitutional Convention voted for in the majority (88%*). Nobody could argue that the current provision is not sexist, and therefore needs to change. However, it would be a missed opportunity and a retrograde step to proceed with a simple deletion rather than amending the provision to recognise the importance of carers in our society.”

Pauline O’Reilly, Green Party spokesperson on Children and Youth Affairs said: “Real feminism means choice in all aspects of women’s lives. In order to achieve this we must respect those who care for the most vulnerable in our society. Consultation in the last referendum was part of its success. Why is the Government rushing this particular referendum without engaging with wider society?”

Una Power, Green Party Equality spokesperson said: “To simply repeal this article, along with its call for economic security, would be an entrenchment of the systematic undermining of important unpaid work in our society.”