Beautiful permaculture farm grows in just three years

I’ve toured a lot of permaculture projects in my time. And while many produce a good amount of food, I’ve often thought that to an outsider they can look a little chaotic and messy. Not so Andrew Martin’s five acre smallholding in the Bay of Plenty, New Zealand, which looks positively stunning and would not look out of place in a traditional gardening magazine!

According to the video below, created as part of the Living the Change series by Happen Films, describes how Martin abandoned the world of high finance and city living and chose, instead, to create a beautiful farm that features a productive vegetable garden, food forest, and wildlife habitats too.

What’s also encouraging about this, for those who find the idea of starting a garden daunting, is how quickly the garden has taken off. The lush growth you see is just three years in to the project. Not bad at all…

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