Consumers will suffer if pay-by-weight bin charges aren’t regulated properly

Source: Green Party

Recycling must remain free under new charging scheme

The Green Party said today that consumers will suffer if pay-by-weight bin charges aren’t regulated properly.

Speaking following the announcement of the phasing out of flat charging, Green Party Leader Eamon Ryan TD said: “We support the concept of pay-by-weight waste charges. As a country, we need to reduce the amount of waste going to land fill. However, allowing waste companies a free-for-all regarding their pricing structures. Consumers will suffer if they are allowed to do that.

“First of all, it is essential that recycling remains free under the new scheme. We must not penalise people for recycling, and without guidance or regulation on this, bin companies will be allowed charge what they want. Other measures to reduce the amount of waste in Ireland, such as the introduction of a deposit return scheme on bottles and cans, and the phasing out of single use plastics should be introduced at the same time the pay-by-weight scheme is rolled out.

“Local authorities should return play a role in overseeing waste collection. Rather than allowing bin companies a free-for-all, setting their own rates and pitching directly to consumers, they should bid for the contracts to collect in various areas. This will be better value for consumers, and ensure it is the public service, rather than profit, that is directing waste policy.

“Finally, the Government will need to get serious on the problem of illegal dumping and fly tipping. Local authorities must be empowered and funded to tackle the problem on a local level. If people’s bin charges go up, we will invariably see an increase in illegal dumping. We can’t allow that to happen.”