Cork Harbour plans expose Government hypocrisy on fracking

Source: Green Party

Government simply exporting environmental damage to other countries

The Green Party today accused the Government of hypocrisy on fracking after plans to import liquefied natural gas into Cork were announced. The imported gas will be the product of hydraulic fracturing, or fracking – a practice recently outlawed in Ireland.

A liquefied natural gas tanker is to be permanently moored in Cork Harbour, close to the Whitegate and Aghada gas-powered electricity stations. It will be used to store liquefied natural gas imported by sea from fracking operations in the United States.

Speaking today, Oliver Moran, the Green Party representative in Cork North Central said: “This gas is coming from onshore fracking operations in the Rio Grande. It’s typical of our attitude to environmental issues that one month we are slapping ourselves on the back for banning onshore fracking and then the next we’re planning on importing onshore fracked gas from Texas.

“The plans for Cork harbour expose the Government’s hypocrisy on environmental issues. On the one hand, they’re highlighting the dangers of fracking and banning it in this country, then on the other hand they’re importing fracked gas from other countries. It makes Ireland’s fracking ban look like little more than greenwashing from Fine Gael.

“Environmental damage doesn’t recognise borders. The Government are simply exporting environmental damage to other areas. The hypocrisy is staggering.”