Green Party: No opportunity for Ireland in UK’s election difficulty

Source: Green Party

Conservative/DUP Government have no good cards to play in upcoming Brexit negotiations

Reacting to the results of the UK general election, Green Party Leader Eamon Ryan TD said:

“This general election has thrown the UK into real uncertainty. Theresa May may remain on as Prime Minister but she has now lost real authority. It is a victory for Jeremy Corbyn who ran a positive campaign but he remains in opposition and seems to have no alternative strategy when it comes to the Brexit talks. It is hard to see how a Conservative/DUP government will work as they have no good cards going into these talks.

“A hundred years ago some argued that England’s difficulty was Ireland’s opportunity but there is no upside for Ireland in what  is happening today. What can the DUP gain by using their ten votes to keep a damaged Prime Minister in office? How can Sinn Fein continue to refuse to take their seats and allow events unfold without making any direct contribution?

“Our own Government faces the difficult task in trying to support the return of the Northern Assembly and to avoid the worst effects of a hard Brexit. The odds must now be on further elections unless some unexpected form of new politics takes hold in Stormont and Westminster.

“We congratulate our Green Party Northern Ireland colleagues for maintaining their own vote while other smaller parties were in retreat.  We also commend our English, Welsh and Scottish Green friends who ran a really positive campaign under a voting system which forces people into a narrow red or blue electoral choice. Perhaps one of the outcomes of this turbulent period in British history might be a change to the voting system that is looking increasingly ill-suited to the real challenges and choices we all face.”