Greens back call for gender pay transparency in publicly funded organisations

Source: Green Party

The Green Party today backed calls for gender pay transparency in publicly funded organisations, following revelations of a significant gender pay gap in RTÉ.

Speaking today, Green Party Women’s Officer Una Power said: “Transparency is key when it comes to tackling the gender pay gap. Laws can be in place, but until we can see whether or not they are being implemented, they cannot be enforced effectively.

“By publishing their employee salaries publicly funded organisations, such as RTÉ, would be subject to increased scrutiny. They would have to justify why there are such massive discrepancies in salaries between men and women who hold the same or similar positions.

“Pay discrimination on the basis of gender is illegal. Transparency leads to accountability and public pressure. This will lead to much needed change.

“We welcome the announcement by RTE that they will bring forward publishing their pay stats, but the current system isn’t good enough. There needs to be statutory obligation for publicly funded organisations to publish this information yearly – not whenever they feel under pressure to do so.”