Greens call on Sinn Féin to ensure restoration of Northern Ireland institutions

Source: Green Party

Independent chair preferable, but shouldn’t be a red line obstacle to more talks
Speaking this morning, Green Party/Comhaontas Glas Leader Eamon Ryan TD said today: “We are calling on Sinn Féin to ensure the restoration of the Northern Ireland Institutions, rather than allow a return to direct rule or having another Assembly election.
“Gerry Adams is calling on other parties to back an independent chair for the talks, which Green Party in Northern Ireland Leader Steven Agnew MLA had proposed earlier this year. That suggestion makes all the more sense today and we regret that Secretary of State Brokenshire is ruling it out. However we do not think his refusal should be turned into a red line obstacle against any further progress.
“Whatever the differences between the DUP and Sinn Féin they will not be serving their communities if they allow a return to direct rule from London. Nor do we see the sense in having another Assembly election.
“Both parties have an opportunity to help avoid a hard Brexit, which would be bad for everyone on this island. They need to get back to work, no matter what provocations are coming from the other side. It is hard to see how abstention from both Stormont and Westminster could make politics work better. It is time to engage rather than hanging back.”