Greens criticise River Basin Management Plan

Source: Green Party

The Green Party has criticised the River Basin Management Plan for failing to put in place the necessary policies and investment to end the pollution of our rivers and coastlines.

Speaking today, Green Councillor David Healy commented: “Throughout Ireland, raw sewage is discharged into rivers and onto beaches. Many areas suffer from sewage overflows during heavy rain and in recent years many swimming places have had to be closed after rain due to pollution. The Plan fails to put in place the investment needed to end all of these sewage discharges, continuing the underfunding of sewage treatment which of this and the previous government.[i] As a result, last year the European Commission initiated legal action against Ireland for failure to collect and treat sewage properly. [ii]

“The Plan also fails to rely on natural processes to manage flood risk. The Government’s current focus is for hard engineering proposals which will destroy both natural and cultural heritage, including the habitat of endangered species such as the Freshwater Pearl Mussel. The River Basin Management Plan should set out a catchment-based approach to flood management, restoring the water holding and flood mitigation capacity of the land, rather than causing further damage.” 

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