Greens say Taoiseach’s remarks on Irish media reveal a dangerous attitude

Source: Green Party

The Green Party this morning responded to reports that the Taoiseach has criticised Irish media, saying that he allegedly sympathised with President Trump’s view of the press.


Party leader Eamon Ryan T.D. said “The reports this morning of what appears to be another Trump-related gaffe by the Taoiseach reveal a much more worrying mindset – it’s deeply concerning that our head of government would share the views of President Trump on the press.


“President Trump uses his bully platform to undermine the vital role of media in democracy almost every day. He singles out individual journalists posing legitimate questions to discredit them with lies and fallacy. If this is the kind of worldview that the Taoiseach sympathises with then we very urgently need to hear a clarification of his remarks.


“Without a free and fair press in this country we don’t have a functional democracy. At every turn the Taoiseach has dismissed attempts to have the proper funding of quality Irish journalism debated in Dáil Éíreann – instead we get a Taoiseach who’ll ask the media to turn up for jogging in the park or he’ll show up to photocalls with colourful socks. And today we hear he jokes about the media focusing too much on the trivial?


“I urge the Taoiseach to clarify his remarks and commit to a debate in the Dáil about how we can start to protect quality Irish journalism and put it on a sustainable footing.”