Irish Community Living Unconference Series : Cork, Galway and Dublin


May 8th, 2017

The Irish Community Living Unconferences are a series of 1-day events for those interested in the areas of Community Living, Co-operative Housing and Eco-Villages. The unconferences will provide an opportunity for those sharing these interests to meet, share knowledge and problem solve in addition to creating support networks for the future.

The unconference will be based on participant generated discussions, communal potluck meals, and knowledge harvesting. The goal of the unconferences is to bring people together in a social, friendly and interactive way. The attendees will be a mixture of experts, enthusiasts and those hungry to learn about sustainable community living. Connecting with people is a very important part of moving towards the critical mass that will be needed for Ireland to create these communities.

The unconference is designed to inspire and support those on their path to creating these communities. The goals will be to identify and address the obstacles to achieving community living, co-housing, cooperative housing, eco-villages and intentional communities in Ireland.

The Unconferernce refers to the free-form unscripted style which is the diametric opposite of a typical conference. The conference organisers will set the theme and tone of the environment and help facilitate and record the sessions. It will be up to the attendees to raise issues they are facing whether they be legal, financial, governance, logistical, infrastructural or other. Collective expertise will be the approach to bring about advice and resolutions.

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