New research, December 24-31, 2018

A selection of new climate related research articles is shown below.

Climate change

Temperature, precipitation, wind

Trend analysis of climate time series: A review of methods (open access)

Strong but intermittent spatial covariations in tropical land temperature

Intercomparison of long-term sea surface temperature analyses using the GHRSST Multi-Product Ensemble (GMPE) system

The role of buoy and Argo observations in two SST analyses in the global and tropical Pacific oceans

Linear trends in temperature extremes in China, with an emphasis on non-Gaussian and serially dependent characteristics (open access)

Effect of Tibetan Plateau heating on summer extreme precipitation in eastern China

Observed Decadal Transition in Trend of Autumn Rainfall over Central China in the Late 1990s (open access)

Observed rainfall trends over Singapore and the Maritime Continent from the perspective of regional-scale weather regimes

Extreme events

Flood governance for resilience in cities: The historical policy transformations in Dakar’s suburbs

Historical and future changes in asset value and GDP in areas exposed to tropical cyclones in China

Extreme cold wave over East Asia in January 2016: A possible response to the larger internal atmospheric variability induced by Arctic warming

Forcings and feedbacks

The Vertical Structure Of Radiative Heating Rates: A Multimodel Evaluation Using A-Train Satellite Observations

Spatial and temporal changes in SO2 regimes over China in the recent decade and the driving mechanism (open access)

15‐year statistical analysis of cloud characteristics over China using Terra and Aqua MODIS observations

High resolution mapping of nitrogen dioxide with TROPOMI: First results and validation over the Canadian oil sands


The Tibetan Plateau cryosphere: Observations and model simulations for current status and recent changes

Timescales and mechanisms of global climate impacts of Arctic sea ice loss mediated by the Atlantic meridional overturning circulation

Revisiting the linkages between the variability of atmospheric circulations and Arctic melt-season sea ice cover at multiple time scales

Calibrated Probabilistic Forecasts of Arctic Sea Ice Concentration

Estimation of sea ice parameters from sea ice model with assimilated ice concentration and SST (open access)

Winter coastal divergence as a predictor for the minimum sea ice extent in the Laptev Sea

Changes in the relationship between the interannual variation of Eurasian snow cover and spring SAT over eastern Eurasia


Observational Constraints Reduce Likelihood of Extreme Changes in Multi‐Decadal Land Water Availability

Rapid Drying of Northeast India in the Last Three Decades: Climate Change or Natural Variability?

Using Geo‐detector to attribute spatiotemporal variation of pan evaporation across China in 1961‐2001

Variation of reference evapotranspiration and its teleconnection with multiple large‐scale climate oscillations in the Yangtze River Delta, China

Observed Trends in Global Indicators of Mean and Extreme Streamflow

Deciphering human contributions to Yellow River flow reductions and downstream drying using centuries‐long tree ring records

Eddy‐induced salinity changes in the tropical Pacific

Atmospheric and oceanic circulation

Recent Tropical Expansion: Natural Variability or Forced Response?

Interhemispheric Synchronization Between the AO and the AAO (open access)

Earlier Seasonal Onset of Intense Mesoscale Convective Systems in the Congo Basin Since 1999 (open access)

Contributions of Different Combinations of the IPO and AMO to Recent Changes in Winter East Asian Jets

Carbon and nitrogen cycles

Relative sea‐level change regulates organic carbon accumulation in coastal habitats

Termite mounds mitigate half of termite methane emissions

Spatial and temporal variations of N2O emissions from global forest and grassland ecosystems

Climate change impacts 


On the relationship between the risk of hoar frost on roads and a changing climate in Sweden

Modelling cropping periods of grain crops at the global scale


Tree rings provide no evidence of a CO₂ fertilization effect in old‐growth subalpine forests of western Canada

Quantifying multiple pressure interactions affecting populations of a recreationally and commercially important freshwater fish

Metabolic impacts of climate change on marine ecosystems: Implications for fish communities and fisheries

Black spruce (Picea mariana) colonization of subarctic snowpatches in response to warmer climate

Incorporating local adaptation into forecasts of species’ distribution and abundance under climate change

Rethinking catastrophe? Historical trajectories and modelled future vegetation change in southern Africa

Other impacts

Development of a Sentinel-2 burned area algorithm: Generation of a small fire database for sub-Saharan Africa (open access)

Causal, temporal and spatial statistics of wildfires in areas of planted forests in Brazil

Climate change mitigation

Climate change communication

Leveraging cognitive consistency to nudge conservative climate change beliefs

Psychological Reactance From Reading Basic Facts on Climate Change: The Role of Prior Views and Political Identification

The resilience paradox: flooding experience, coping and climate change mitigation intentions

The social media life of climate change: Platforms, publics, and future imaginaries

Climate Policy

Abandoning the concept of renewable energy

De-risking policies as a substantial determinant of climate change mitigation costs in developing countries: Case study of the Middle East and North African region

Energy production

Atmospheric implications of large C2‐C5 alkane emissions from the U.S. oil and gas industry

Emission savings

Drivers of long-term carbon dynamics in cropland: A bio-political history (France, 1852–2014)

Economic and social implications of low-emission development pathways in Brazil

Medium-to-long-term coupled strategies for energy efficiency and greenhouse gas emissions reduction in Beijing (China)

Responses of greenhouse-gas emissions to land-use change from rice to jasmine production in subtropical China

Soil carbon stock and Plinthosol fertility in smallholder land-use systems in the eastern Amazon, Brazil

Thermal insulation of rental residential housing: Do energy poor households benefit? A case study in Krems, Austria


The Physics and Ecology of Mining Carbon Dioxide from the Atmosphere by Ecosystems

Other papers

General climate science

An Axisymmetric Limit for the Width of the Hadley Cell on Planets With Large Obliquity and Long Seasonality


On the interpretation of the ENSO signal embedded in the stable isotopic composition of Quelccaya Ice Cap, Peru

Drivers of reduced ENSO variability in mid-Holocene in a coupled model (open access)

Climate evolution across the Mid-Brunhes Transition (open access)

Long-term deglacial permafrost carbon dynamics in MPI-ESM (open access)

An astronomically forced cooling event during the Middle Ordovician

Glacial and climate history of the last 24 000 years in the Polar Ural Mountains, Arctic Russia, inferred from partly varved lake sediments

Middle to Late Pleistocene lake‐level fluctuations of Lake El’gygytgyn, far‐east Russian Arctic

Late glacial to deglacial variation of coralgal assemblages in the Great Barrier Reef, Australia

Holocene climate records from lake sediments in India: Assessment of coherence across climate zones

Other environmental issues 

Over the horizon: Exploring the conditions of a post-growth world