New survey shows Electric Vehicle drivers love the cost savings but want more charging stations

Source: Green Party

Green Party proposes new rules to mandate charging points in every petrol station

A new survey, carried out by the Green Party in conjunction with the Irish Electric Vehicle (EV) Owners Association, has found that 75% of EV drivers saw lower costs as the main advantage of going electric, while the lack of public charging stations was the biggest difficulty experienced by EV owners.

231 EV owners (almost 10% of EV owners in Ireland) responded to the survey, carried out between the 14th and 28th June 2017.

Speaking today, Green Party Leader Eamon Ryan TD said: “It is clear from our survey that a revolution in Irish motoring is ready to take off. Drivers like their new electric cars, not just for environmental reasons but also for the lower running costs and better driving experience.  Every car company is now promising new electric models and the battery range is growing at the same time as the costs come down. The era of the internal combustion engine is coming to an end.

“To speed up the revolution we need to address the frustration many drivers have with the charging infrastructure that is currently in place.  38% of EV owners found a lack of charging infrastructure the biggest issue they experienced. Another issue EV owners experienced was ‘ICEing’ – when a petrol or diesel car is parked at a charging point.

“Ireland took a lead in rolling out the first national network of charging points but a lack of political commitment over the last six years has seen us fall behind. For the third year running the UK will have the fastest level of new EV sales in Europe. This provides us an opportunity as it will give us access to the latest models with a right hand drive specification and we can follow some of their policy initiatives.

“The UK Government is about to mandate all petrol service stations to install charging points and we want Irish Governments to do the same here. New high-speed charging points can recharge a battery in a way that is comparable to filling up at the pump and even oil companies like Shell are starting to recognise the inevitability as they are starting to try and turn their forecourts green.

“It is up to the Government to provide charging points EV drivers need, so that the issue of range anxiety rapidly becomes a thing of the past.”

A copy of the survey results in full can be found here.