Remarks by An Taisce member Jack O’Sullivan on the coming Dublin #ClimateStrike

Source: An Taisce

16th September 2019
News Item

(An Taisce is pleased to publish this short and timely statement on behalf of long-time member and professional environment scientist Mr. Jack O’Sullivan.)

I’m delighted to give my support to Stop Climate Chaos, to Friends of the Earth Ireland, to Fridays for Future and to the other groups participating in the Global Climate Strike on Friday 20 September 2019. Working as an environmental scientist, I’ve followed with growing concern the “progress” of human-induced climate disruption since the 1970s, the failure by governments and by the international community to take concrete action, and the appalling level of ignorance and lack of concern shown by the mainstream media in Ireland. However, I also feel that the tide is beginning to turn at last, thanks mainly to the weekly strikes all over the world by school students, by the initiative shown by the Irish Citizens’ Assembly, and by SCC, FoEI, Trocaire and Friends of the Irish Environment. As a 77 year old scientist, I will participate in the Dublin event, and I hope to see 100,000 people, maybe even a quarter of a million people, on the streets protecting at the government’s inaction. Hopefully, the message will be received by government decision makers! Or do we have to go further, and break a window of Leinster House, as Hannah Sheehy Skeffington broke a window of Dublin Castle just over 100 years ago in order to fight for gender equality and womens’ rights!

Jack O’Sullivan, County Westmeath
Member, An Taisce Climate Change Committee

(Other An Taisce members with scientific or academic backgrounds are encouraged to consider adding their names to this international letter of support for the youth climate movement’s call to strike.)

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