The loudest smallest voices are raising the alarm on climate change.

Source: Dailyclimate

Most Americans understand that climate disruption is already happening and that we are in trouble if we don’t change course. But many people still don’t know what they can do to help address the climate crisis.

Stepping Up is a new podcast that highlights the stories of climate advocates who are stepping up their game in unexpected ways. Grandmothers and kids, religious evangelicals and clowns, these unlikely activists are figuring out new ways to act on the biggest crisis of our times.

The first Stepping Up episode—reposted here in partnership with Sierra magazine—is called “The Loudest Smallest Voices.” It brings listeners into the world of a group of 12-year-olds: Elliot, Charlie, Dakota, Anna, and Kiran. Their mission is nothing less than to save the oceans from the ravages of climate change. Adults are listening. And other kids are joining them. Their understanding and articulation of complex concepts is remarkable: the chemistry behind ocean acidification, for example, or the inter-relationship between kelp and coral and sea otters. At the same time, they are as playful as puppies and a lot of fun to hang out with. Come step into their world.