WEAll Local to Global: the Art of the Wellbeing Economy

Published on June 19, 2023

Caroline Whyte, David Somekh, Peter Doran and Kevin Murphy will give an outline of the WEAll Ireland hub’s ‘Cultural Creative’ project in this WEAll event on June 22 at 8am UTC.

With support from the Carnegie UK Trust and the Irish Environmental Network, we’re exploring ways in which artists and the arts can challenge the dominant ‘social imaginary’, and can support the transition to a Wellbeing Economy in Ireland and elsewhere. We’re building a community of practice which includes artists, activists and academics from around the island of Ireland.

We’ll explain why they’re taking this approach, the work we’ve done so far, and our future plans.

We’re looking forward to seeing you at the meeting and please, feel free to share the registration link with your own communities if this theme/sharing could be of value for your own initiatives and territories!

Register here