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Refreezing poles feasible and cheap, new study finds

Refreezing the poles by reducing incoming sunlight would be both feasible and remarkably cheap, according to new research.

Ancient relic points to a turning point in Earth’s history 42,000 years ago

The temporary breakdown of Earth's magnetic field 42,000 years ago sparked major climate shifts that led to global environmental change and mass extinctions, a...

New technique reduces nicotine levels, harmful compounds simultaneously in tobacco

Researchers have developed a new technique that can alter plant metabolism. Tested in tobacco plants, the technique showed that it could reduce harmful chemical...

These fish work together by the hundreds of thousands to make waves

In the sports arena, spectators sometimes create a spectacle known as a wave, as successive groups stand up in unison to yell with arms...

Why Reagan's vaunted 'starve the beast' plan failed.

President Reagan and James Baker interviewing John Herrington for the cabinet position of Secretary of Energy in Oval Office Photo courtesy of U.S. National...