Research 201: Investigation of Liquid Crystal Displays as a Source of Indium

Authors: Lisa O’Donoghue and Paul Moroney

Environmental Impacts And Parameters For Inclusion In The Economic Valuation Of Road Schemes

Final report - ERTDI report 8 - Ozdemiroglu et al

Emissions Trading – Unit Holding and Transaction Information 2008

Unit Holding and Transaction Information 2008

Neuro-Fuzzy Models For Use In River Basin District Management

ERC Report 18 - Ahmed Elssidig Nasr and Michael Bruen

Climate Change: Land Use, Land-Use Change and Carbon Stocks

ERTDI Report 47 - Tomlinson

Research 212: Climate and Air Policy in Ireland: Synergies and Tensions – A GAINS...

Authors: Andrew Kelly, Alessandro Chiodi, Miao Fu, Paul Deane and Brian P. Ó Gallachóir

Research 204: Irish Soil Information System: Soil Property Maps

Authors: Rachel E. Creamer, Iolanda Simo, Lilian O’Sullivan, Brian Reidy, Rogier P.O. Schulte and Reamonn M. Fealy

Chemicals and fracking in the UK

Presentation on Chemicals and fracking in the UK by: Dr Robie Kamanyire, Public Health England

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